Air Conditioning Coverage in Arizona

With our HVAC technicians vast combined knowledge in all types and brands of air conditioning and heat appliances, we possess team members who are equipped with all of the essential experience and skill set to perform any diagnosis, repair, maintenance and installation needed to keep your HVAC system operating as efficiently as possible.



A/C Repairs in Arizona

To efficiently and affordably perform an HVAC repair, a diagnosis must be run on your system before anything is done to the unit to determine which repair is needed. A failure in your commercial or residential HVAC system can be caused by several components that operate within your unit. There may also be potential leaks that need to be sealed, at which time once the repair is complete, the system will need to be recharged with either freon R22 or Puron R410A. This is the cooling agent that turns warm air taken into the unit into the cool fresh air that comes out of your registers and into your building. Upon diagnosis of your unit, if it is determined to have a very large and potentially expensive component failure, or is outdated, we will recommend the installation of a new HVAC unit.

Professional Local A/C Repair Coverage in AZ

To ensure that we completely satisfy all of your HVAC needs, we offer full-service heating and air conditioning services including repairs. This covers the diagnosis and repair of all components found within your HVAC system including the unit itself, register/return issues and potential ductwork leaks or damages. If you find that your thermostat is reading at a higher temperature than it is set at, and the unit is either not kicking on or will not turn off, you are likely to experience a component failure within your system. The temperature within the commercial or residential building has the potential to reach very uncomfortable numbers if left un-serviced. Our licensed team of professionals will be able to promptly diagnose your HVAC system and get it back up and cooling to its highest efficiency potential.

A/C Installations in Arizona

You may require an A/C installation if a professional HVAC technician deems your unit as outdated and not worth repairing, or if you have a large component failure that is more costly than it is worth to fix. You may also need an A/C installation if you are building or buying a new home that does not have an A/C system already in place, at which time you may choose the “seer” or efficiency of your unit. It is imperative that you use a professional HVAC team such as Mazon's Air Conditioning & Heating Inc. to perform your A/C installation to avoid potential injury to yourself for your HVAC system. Additionally, an HVAC installation requires an experienced and licensed professional to properly handle the freon R22 and Puron R410A and determine proper tonnage for your commercial or residential property.


A/C Installations That Work Around YOUR Schedule!

Working locally in Scottsdale, Arizona not only keeps us closer to our clients to ensure prompt technician arrival but also allows us the essential manpower to respond to all of our clients in need of our professional HVAC services. We are a family-owned and operated company that has been in business since 1970, proving that you can depend on Mazon’s to treat your family as our own by offering prompt and punctual response times, affordable pricing, and dependable service. Our well-versed HVAC technicians possess the essential knowledge to determine proper tonnage, seer and HVAC system to fit the install need of your commercial or residential property.


A/C Upgrades & Replacements in Arizona

Upgrading your A/C system is typically done for a few different reasons. A few of these reasons being either your unit is outdated and no longer efficient or worth the cost of repair, is below its tonnage requirement according to the square footage of the commercial or residential building, or hat you would like to upgrade your unit seer to a more efficient model. The higher the see of a unit, the more efficient that it is. For example, if you have a 12 see unit, you may find that upgrading to a 20 see unit will not only cool your home faster and more efficiently, but will also cut down on your utility bill. It is also typical to upgrade an HVAC system when in the process of selling your home to raise the market value on the residence or simply done as part of a home makeover.

Why Choose Mazon For Your A/C Unit Replacement in AZ?

Mazon's Air Conditioning & Heating Inc. is your number one is comfort choice, with an esteemed and well-versed team of professional HVAC technicians, we possess the vast skill set required to remove the stress of your HVAC needs by performing any necessary services on your system, including unit replacements. We are equipped with the proper knowledge and equipment to efficiently demolition and properly install your new A/C system. Our dependable services are not only reliable but are made affordable to those in search of an HVAC system upgrade by offering not only Carrier systems but those of all brands and seer.

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